Our Wedding Box® is a registered Trademark of Out of the Box Marketing and Design Studio, LLC doing business in the city of Castle Rock, the county of Douglas and the State of Colorado and is hereafter referred to as Out of the Box®.

The following Terms and Conditions constitutes an official sales agreement between Out of the Box® and all of the client(s) noted on the originating order form for the purchasing of any products or services offered by Out of the Box®. Specifically the following "Terms of Sale" shall apply and supersede any other representations or interpretations when and if deemed necessary for adequate fulfillment of products or services ordered by any client, and for which Out of the Box® shall engage upon fulfilling such requests with conditions understood by the client(s) as follows;

DISCLAIMERS & PROOFING PROCEDURES : From time to time there may be information on the Website, in an email to you or in our catalog that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, and availability. Out of the Box® reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice.

Customization and Design PROOFS : Out of the Box® will send via email and require via email a "Visual or Audio PROOF" of any and all ART design or SOUND related work to be processed prior to final production. We will require final approval and WRITTEN acceptance, usually via email before we engage in final production of any related work being implemented into the actual production of your order(s). Due to the highly customized and personalized nature of the products and services offered by Out of the Box® it is highly recommended that the proofing process be taken very seriously and PROOFS are checked carefully for accuracy, especially for the spelling of any names, dates, shipping addresses, phone numbers, etc. as these can easily be incorrect without our knowledge. Out of the Box® or Our Wedding Box® is in no way responsible for errors found after the PROOF has been accepted by the client. In most cases correction and remedies for such errors will require reproduction and will incur additional costs at the client(s) expense

Forced Conditions Beyond Our Control : Out of the Box® shall be excused from performance under this Terms of Use if Out of the Box® or any licensed third party is prevented, forbidden or delayed from performing or omits to perform any act or requirement under this Terms of Use where such failure is a result of an Act of Nature beyond the control of Out of the Box®, it's employees or it's selected 3rd party vendors or employees.

Colors, Themes, Sizes, Textures, Appearances : We have done our best to display as accurately as possible all of the products shown and any related design elements on the website or in our product literature or show displays. However, because the design elements you see will depend, in large part on source media, or devices such as cameras or computer monitors, we cannot guarantee that 100% accurate color or appearance on all items.

Shifting or Breakage of Product During Shipping or Delivery : Please note that boxes are carefully assembled and securely packed to prevent shifting or breakage of product during shipping. The packages will not always arrive exactly as displayed in full glory on the website or in advertising media. There may sometimes be a very MINIMAL rearrangement of the items required to restore the box to its intended appearance. The client agrees that it is their responsibility to inspect the boxes contents for possible shifting of items or any breakage prior to giving the boxes to final recipients, when applicable and if possible. Should an item be found broken during shipment, please refer to our Replacement Policies noted herein.

Sale or Inclusions of Alcoholic Beverages or "Adult" Merchandise : Out of the Box® does not sale or distribute any alcoholic beverages or "adult" merchandise. We will not accept, or be able to process any request for customization of a gift box that might contain such items. If you wish for your box to include such items, you will need to purchase the box without these items and insert them yourself. If this is your intention, you are responsible for the insertion of the items and final shipping destination of the altered gift box. Out of the Box® &Our Wedding Box® is in no way liable for any issues, legal or otherwise that might result from the inclusion of such items in one of our gift boxes. Out of the Box® is happy and able to design and provide adequate "space" and considerations for the post production placement of such items and such request should be discussed with our design teams for alterations in the interior design of your box prior to actual production and final assembly.

REFUNDS, RETURNS, REPLACEMENTS, CHARGEBACK and JURISDICTION : You may return a box for partial refund and/or replacement under the following conditions;

General Returns or Cancellation Request : NO Full Refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the extreme "customization" of the products and services provided by Out of the Box®, under no circumstances are we able to refund clients for purchases once an order is in process. Work that is being done for any client, in most instances, cannot be returned to inventory for resale to other clients, nor can labor expenses be dismissed. Such costs begin to accrue immediately upon acceptance of your orders and request for services. Cancellation of any order that has already been placed into our system will incur fees for administrative services and any possible expenditures related to restocking or replacement of consumed materials prior to cancellation, and thus in any event, whereby an refund is approved it would likely only be a "partial refund" and will be honored at the full disrection and determination of Out of the Box®.

Replacement / Damaged Goods Policies : Out of the Box® will REPLACE ONLY (at no cost) any items deemed "broken or damage" during shipping and delivery under the following conditions;

1.) The item should NOT BE OPENED or severely altered from its original state of delivery, so that we can assess the cause and source of the damage, and in most cases initiate an insurance claim with the shipping service for damage caused by mishandling. In some cases we may require the damaged item to be returned prior to replacement.

2.) FOR REPLACEMENTS ONLY: Please call us at 303-883-9385. We will review your request for replacement and in most cases simply send you the replacement items FREE of charge without the need for any return of the original or damaged item. An emailed photo of the broken item may required.

Our Charge-Back Policies & Procedures : In NO circumstance will we tolerate or accept CHARGE-BACKS made to a charge that you placed on a Credit or Debit Card that you used at the time of purchase. It is expressly understood that you should only be using a card that, upon submitting the card to be used for a purchase, you are authorized to use the card as a method of payment under the policies of your card holder agreement. If you have a question about a charge, or do not recognize a charge made to you your card you are asked to contact us for clarification and verification of the charges BEFORE processing a chargeback request or disputing any charges made by you that would appear on your card statement. If a chargeback or dispute is made without following this procedure, upon processing of proof of purchase and product delivery made in good faith, you will become liable for, and agree to pay the FULL COSTS of any and all reasonable administrative fees, legal fees, and collection fees, in addition to the original amount of the purchase that was made. A dispute of charges can and will incur excessive expenses to our company, and therefore, will be aggressively pursued for full collection and settlement.

JURISDICITION and LITIGATIONS: Should it ever become necessary, it is agreed that any and all claims or legal disputes that may arise as a result of transaction with Out of the Box®, that such litigation proceedings will be handled in the jurisdiction of Douglas County and in the State of Colorado, USA.


1. A 50% MINIMUM DEPOSIT must be paid at time of placing your original order.
2. PAYMENT IN FULL must be received at least 30 days prior to the final shipping and/or delivery dates.
3. NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS are to be expected after initial down payment for any reason.
4. PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS : Payment can be made in monthly installments for up to a MAXIMUM of 4 TOTAL installments. A $20 fee per installment will be charged.
5. Equal Installments will be AUTOMATIC and RECURRING on a monthly basis for the number of installments agreed upon. The installment fee will be added per transaction until the full balance has been satisfied. Additional installment payments will beginning with the 2ND installment processing on the same monthly calendar date approximately 30 days following your initial down payment.

NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS CHARGES : If we receive notice of a NSF check or we are unable to process a recurring credit card payment– there will be a $35.00 fee to replace funds.

CHARGES FOR UPGRADES or CHANGES : Any upgrades to product or possible changes to your order that occur after your initial down payment for services may incur additional fees that when necessary, will need to be paid prior to the upgrade or change request being processed. An Increase in the number of boxes will not incur additional handling charges. Only box pricing per individual box requested.

SHIPPING & HANDLING or DELIVERY CHARGES : Per our standard policy, our original order will NEVER and does NOT include Shipping & Handling or Delivery Fees. These are calculated at the time of actual shipping or delivery and will vary. Costs are dependent on the final weights and configurations of the products being shipped. The charges for these services will be assessed at the appropriate time and must be paid in advance. Normal procedure, where other arrangements may not exist, will be to charge the card used during the original purchase to process the shipping fees directly to the shipper, and/or for the cost of shipping when needed. Alternative options for Custom Pick Up or Delivery, or the use of your own 3rd party carrier or private account can be arranged.


Your Untold Story

Happiness Headed Your Way.

These beautifully designed boxes are filled with multiple choices of fine qualtiy personalized gifts, tasty treats and delightful aromas that will engage your recipients with a full sensory experience. Our Wedding Boxes are unlike any other gift you will ever give, They confidently deliver a positive emotional touch that is sure to make them among the most memorable gifts ever received.

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